Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the good in people’s hearts after life hits that point on the graph called normal. I must confess, I have been in this state. Almost always complaining about how the government is not doing this and that, who should have or shouldn’t have said this or the other, bad roads, a theft that occurred the previous week, how morals in people have eroded etc etc. All of this has been eclipsed by some recent happenings in the last couple of days.

Biko, the writer, shared a story about a guy, Jadudi who has a brain tumor and needs funds to pay for his medical bill. It roused sad emotions and feelings since I couldn’t help but resonate with Jadudi’s condition. It could have been me in Jadudi’s shoes. It makes me thankful to God for the good health that I have. So Biko, on his blogging website, share’s about Jadudi and appeals to well-wishers to contribute whatever little monies they have towards Jadudi’s medical expenses. The campaign was also launched on twitter with the hashtag #1MilliForJadudi and the aim was to raise a million shillings for Jadudi.

Five hours later, a million shillings had already been contributed. The next day, 6 million!

I…errr…you…I have no words. I’m just so proud of the unity Kenyans have exuded at this time of need. Irrespective of any barrier, not even tribalism. It makes me have hope and confidence that we are still a country and that we are still united.  United enough to take on any problem thrown at us. The support shown for Jadudi tells that we have passed the unity test. This is one of the moments that feelings of patriotism just overwhelm me. I’m so proud of my countrymen. Let’s still pray for Jadudi health. May he recover fully and resume his life normally.

If you still want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, here’s the link to Biko’s blog… http://www.bikozulu.co.ke/that-thing-in-jadudis-head/

If you still wish to donate towards the same, here are the channels to do so. I will copy paste them as they appear on Biko’s blog:

Hashtag: #1MilliForJadudi

MPESA PAYBILL 806200 (Leave slot for ‘Account Number’ blank)

This monies will land into an account run by Africa Cancer Foundation.

Please contribute and share this as widely as you can.


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