A toast to friendship.

A toast to friendship.



I remember my childhood with nostalgia. Though I wasn’t that much of an outgoing person, I still have moments that I lived and miss dearly. Some I look at and see how foolish they were, but I’m still glad I went through them. Some  scary at the time, but are now laughable. Like there was this time I used to think to myself that I could enhance my running speed by holding onto a car in motion and run along with it. That is of course without being spotted by the driver. Foolish right? And outright dangerous. I was innocent I my thinking though, and one day tried it. I had bloody knees to show for it. I did not tell a soul else I invited more trouble to myself.  Thank the Lord it wasn’t serious. I remember those times that mom used to wake me up to prepare me for school. Most times, I never liked it. Just when the bed started feeling cozy and warm and everything set to usher me into the land of Morpheus, the lights went on, School.

The school environment opened a new world consisting of all kinds of people, some of whom I made friends, acquaintances, and a few enemies. Hmm, enemies? I don’t think so; a little boy gets into trouble yes but gets out of it as fast as he got in. In school, I did create an array of memories, some sad, some great and I am glad I went through all that, no regrets. I had some interesting friends. There is a friend I had; he still is my friend [no names], who operated on a live bird and a lizard. It was gross but as he went further down with the scalpel, we began seeing a beating heart and other organs, and we all wanted to see the magic for ourselves. He of course became an instant hit. He later sewed the bird with a needle and thread and released it. Surprisingly, it was still alive after the surgery. I do not know if it lived for long after that, but that incidence is certainly memorable.

Any time I progressed to another stage of life, I lost most people whom I used to relate with. The only thing I did not lose was the memories we shared. Memories I carry to this day. Though we may not be together anymore, I am glad we were together during those times that we were. I’m sure everyone has memories. Hopefully, some which are good and nostalgic. Memories that involved other people, because especially those involving other people are interesting. I think friends we have or had play a big part of who we are today. We are not really complete without them. Whether they gave a hand in dire times of need pulled us out of trouble or were just loyal and understanding.

Human existence isn’t quite complete without interaction some of which grows to friendship. Though our definitions of friendships may vary based on points of view, it doesn’t take away the fact that anyone needs a friend. Or to say quite simply has had a friend. We live in the moment. I do have friends right now, but like the others, I do not know if life intends that we be together during this time only, part later to leave only memories years down the line. Whatever the case, I am trying the best I can to live fully at this time so that when we part, if we will, I will have good fond memories. And the title friend never retiring.

To the friends I have now, I thank God for allowing us to meet. It is an honor to have had the chance to create memories with you. No doubt we all will remember them a long time if not forever. I thought I should write to previous friendships too. I frankly will run out of space if I decide to mention the names of friends I have had and the things we went through together. Notwithstanding, I do hold you dear. I do appreciate the times we have had. It was a matter of honor and I did have lots of fun. I honestly can’t find the right words to say but I really am deeply humbled for being accorded the privilege to have met, lived and known you when I did.

Join me in reminiscing and honoring the friendships we all have had in the past. However simply you may want to do that. I will do that by saying à votre santé.