Another day

Another day

I make mistakes, everyone does. At times I know I am so deserving of punishment because of my actions to fellow brothers and sisters. And to God too. I go to bed languishing in guilt for my deeds. Then comes the next morning, I am alive. I probably will have to meet with the people I’ve wronged. God has granted me a new day. I feel bad I did wrong yet He continues to shower love and mercy. He is still faithful evenwhen I’m not.

Another day is presented as a gift and its up to me to decide what to do with it.Very hard at times but critically important to swallow my pride and apologize to those I have wronged. In the interest of peace and moving forward. And to my creator, more than an apology. A transformation. In my weakened state as a human prone to err, I need His guidance. I need His teaching to help me act in ways that please Him. And I am grateful He’s given me the privilege to own and read the good book containing his word for that purpose.

I believe another day presents new opportunity to make, create or blow whatever is in your plate. The fact that you are not dead means a lot if you take time to think about it. Being dead, like dead dead means it over. That’s the final whistle. The undo button is faded out. Completely out of reach. So if you are reading this, no matter the fix you are in. I know some situations are tough but if really you aren’t dead,you have to keep looking and seeking help to get you out. Fight on. I don’t know whether you will succeed but I speak with such conviction because you are not dead.

Another day isn’t just some casual phrase. Take time, think about it and ask your creator to grant you strength to face what’s ahead. Forgive me for being a brain fanatic but someone said this while challenging his audience to cultivate the skill to be thinkers. “God did not give you such wonderful brains if he didn’t expect you to use them.” I think about those words and they make lots of sense to me. Now I say this, God surely doesn’t give you another day if there is absolutely nothing you can do with it. There has to be something. Surely there has. Because you ain’t dead.

Dare to hope, dare to dream, dare to fight on, care less about the underdog status. Who knows you could emerge victor. And anyway, the people who are regarded greatest in this world are those who overcame insurmountable odds.

Don’t die. It is another day.