As for you “Nyeri” women…

As for you “Nyeri” women…

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I am completely stunned by the actions that have been exhibited by some women lately. Okay, I agree, we men are not saints. We have done pretty bad things, condemnable, inhuman and uncouth. Feel free to add other negative adjectives to that list. I on behalf of other men will take no offence because we are guilty as charged. No buts guys, man up and take the blame. Like real men. I know there are few men out there who have earned the right to be called gentlemen. Note the word earned. Gentleman is no longer imparted to men loosely. In our actions, we have stripped all respect accorded to that name and therefore we do not deserve to be called gentlemen, or good men till we earn it.

It is no longer an individual act; otherwise, there would be a country for everyone alone. When a man does evil, all men are condemned, the young boys are cautioned. I feel embarrassed because that man, whoever he is, whatever he did soils our image as men. And so you will hear the legislature make up laws that curb and hand down hard sentences to malpractices being done by men today. All the men in the land are then subject to that law. We all are treated as suspects until we prove otherwise. A lady cannot walk alone in the night. Even for a man, you pose as prey for bloodthirsty scoundrels who are out to mug or take life for the sheer fun of it. Gone are the days when anyone felt secure while out of the confines of their homes and now even in the confines of their homes. We men are by a large extent the culprits and you will now agree that our collective name has been tarnished and because of that, the title gentleman is to be earned. So take the blame, all of it. Not a but should be heard. Nada.

Women on the other hand have taken on the leadership position that most men have abandoned. And they have worked tirelessly to keep the family a family. Gracias to all of you women who’ve withstood hell for the sake of families. God bless you abundantly. By those acts, you literally are the mothers of this nation. We are forever grateful. But then your name hangs in the balance. It’s on the verge of disrespect, humiliation and ridicule. The kinds of things being done by some of you women these days are atrocious. The latest incidence as of this writing being wives who chopped of their men’s privates. I’m having chills just writing that sentence. I cannot start to imagine what it is like for the victims. If you did not know, hear it from me. If and when a man is beaten, physical pain and damage is nothing compared to the damage done to his ego. You strip that off from a man and he’s nothing. That’s right, nothing.  Just a shell. Not a man anymore.

Please learn from our story ladies. We men have trudged our name in the mud. All we are doing right now is trying to save whatever little dignity that’s left of it. We messed up. Slowly through the years, and now when we awaken from our stupor, we are far off from the road called right. Please do learn because if the generations after you adopt this egregious upcoming culture, this nation will never be as we know or knew it.

Forgive us ladies; we are sons, your sons. Sure the things we do warrant retaliation. This nation however remains on its feet because of the women who know to do the right thing even when there’s opportunity to strike back. Honorable women who have earned the right to sit a t the table. The right to be remembered. Women who’ve stood by their husbands despite their husbands being incommensurate in their actions. Those are the real women. Women who’ve loved their families in immeasurable scales. Who’ve stopped this nation from going down to its knees by overlooking and bearing injustice for the greater good. They are the unsung heroes who should be remembered and looked up to at this time.

Why now? Why is it in my generation, in my country do I hear women do unmentionable things to men? Their husbands. What happened to love? What happened to getting justice? Why reduce a man to nothing? I believe whatever those men were guilty of if they were guilty at all does not necessitate what was done to them.  There exist courts of law which are in place for a reason. And even if it comes to taking matters in your own hands, this, ladies is just unacceptable.

I condemn those acts in the strongest words possible. I’ll say them right here. Those acts, arouse irascibility, conniption, trepidation, annoyance, vexation, exasperation…I will stop now lest some of you pass out on me. And we don’t want that do we?

So, as for you “Nyeri” (nyeri in quotes to depict those who are guilty) women. We cannot accept that! We will not!