Courageous to dream.

Courageous to dream.


When I was a kid, I remember how big I used to dream. Anything I thought of was well within the achievable range. Impossible was non-existent in my world. Then like they say, life happened. I grew up, I became more knowledgeable. I was introduced to a neat new phrase, ‘being realistic’. Any dream I had henceforth had to pass through an intense questioning conduit after which if any survived was shaky at best; a brutal initiation to the ‘real’ world.

Over the years, I’ve observed some level of advantage in naivety. Naïve people often do not anticipate how impossible what they want to try is and they jump right in because, at that point, it’s just them and the problem. They bear an admirable child-like sense of wonder and need to conquer the obstacle. Ever seen a child who wants something? They don’t care about what people around them think, I doubt they ever spend time thinking how impossible what they want is. Their indomitable determination actually makes the people around them; mostly grown-ups help them achieve what they want.

Those kids later go to school. It is beaten out of them that it is possible to achieve crazy dreams. Men they learn about in history class become gods; non-human. Slowly, the child accepts their new place as a lesser being. The kid learns to always keep their dream in an acceptable range. If their dream surpasses that threshold, they are subject to ridicule; dubbed the crazy one. The well-meaning people around the kid tell him/her they see the potential but it’s important to be realistic. Soon, they are reduced to a basic survival instinct and the distance between them and their dreams extends beyond the horizon.

I like listening or being around people who are highly successful. There is a unifying thread that runs across all of them. First of all, they are not gods and they admit that. A good number of them have advised anyone who wants to walk the lonely road that leads to achieving feats to expect rejection. Actually, one said anyone in pursuit of their dreams has to have a high pain threshold. Naivety by itself is barely enough to succeed. While it could get you started, brace yourself for a shock. The status quo has no room for you. The burden lay squarely on you to claw and push through the negativity, seeming impossibility and chase the dream.

A child knows what they want but often has no idea how to achieve it. Sometimes they try multiple approaches to get to what they want. The prize is their goal. Combine that determination with courage and I think you are well on your way to achieve your dreams. Forget the naysayers. People who say it cannot be done directly or indirectly allude to the fact that they can’t do it. If you believe your dream is worth pursuing, this article is for you. Go for it! I’m rooting for you.

I have a number of dreams; allow me to mention just one that raises eyebrows when I say it. One day, I will own a private Gulfstream G650. I have no idea how I’ll manage that only that I want it and that’s all that matters.

Cheers to y’all crazy dreamers!