Être originel {Be original}

Être originel {Be original}

There are people I look at and wonder how they got so far ahead. So successful. And success here doesn’t mean money. I’m looking at the bigger picture. In history, there’s no one I remember because of wealth they had. What counts is what they did. So what makes them tick? What makes them look so gifted?

I look at my own life. Never mind I haven’t achieved great feats. Yet. In primary school, at a young age, compositions were by far one of my favorite subjects. In all my introvert nature, I found myself helplessly attracted to people who could write. Pupils who knew their English, had skill in it and especially those who were creative. Whenever we were required to write compositions, my heart used to race. The plain piece of paper was not just a work to get over with. It was an opportunity to shine. My thought line went something like, “What’s the obvious approach peers look to write about on this topic?” And that’s not what I’d write about. I’d find something unique, mold it to a story while maintaining the relevance of the question at hand. That paid off handsomely. And it felt nice being me.

Of course at the same time there were other good writers, but having done my best in my area of interest made me exuberant and have a sense of accomplishment.

Assuming, I allowed myself get intimidated by other good writers. Yes, you can choose what to feel about whatever thing you ever encounter. I never would have realized I too can be part of the writers league. I wonder what would become of you if for once you chose to listen to yourself. Read your life. Find out what interests you. What do you do and see fun in while others probably whine how much they loathe or see it as work? What is that that you’d do on repeat and never tire? What thing makes money come second? That my friend could be the reason your name echoes through history.

Themistocles, a favorite character of mine in history once said, “Today is a privilege to call your own. A story that will be told for a thousand years, let your final stand be recorded through history…”. This he said to a dispirited Athenian navy who stood up against the great Persian empire. They were outnumbered but believed in the cause they fought for. Eventually, the war had many casualties, as you will have failure while attempting to do what you believe in. But eventually, they triumphed, and so will you if you don’t quit. Find your kryptonite, get rid of it along with whatever makes you complacent. Être originel. And your story will be known. You will have done what you were meant to.