Forget the bus!

Forget the bus!

forget bus


The buses thrum with life and activity. You are lucky you managed to get in just before the fares hike. You know, as is the case during peak hours and their mad rush. In the bus, you sit next to the window. It is nice for view, but then clutch onto your phone like your life depends on it. Outside, you can see all sorts of people, some in groups, and others are just standing relaxed like they’ve no agenda. Others look impatient; you can tell by how constantly they keep looking at their watches. Other’s on the lookout for oncoming buses waiting to hop into them once they grind to a halt. The general scene of the crowd at the station at this hour is mostly a confused one. Pick pockets like it this way; they’ll have a field day.

The bus begins to edge; your mind is drawn back inside the bus. There’s loud pulsating music that everyone seems oblivious to.  They’ve gotten used to it not because they like it. It hurts more than it entertains. You can’t even tell what the lyrics to the song are. The beats cause the windows to vibrate. It gets worse if you receive a phone call. Walking out to go pick it is apparently easier than lowering the volume. Forget the music, sometimes you are met by these uncultured touts who will just talk anyhow to anyone. If there was another means of public transportation you surely would opt for it. Wouldn’t you?

That basically has been my experience until I discovered a company that offers transportation services. Their quality of service compared to their charges left me bewildered as I initially thought it was too good to be true.

Enter Uber (name of the company); the newest trendiest real service solving transportation need.  It spans over 60 countries so be sure it isn’t a scam. According to Wikihow, “Uber is an on-demand car service that allows you to request private drivers through applications for iPhone and Android devices. The service utilizes dispatch software to send the nearest driver to your location. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is some sort of shared ride or cab service – Uber will send you a private taxi-style car.”

The service is pretty cool. Payment options include cash or credit cards. The first time I heard about Uber, I almost wrote it off because I thought it was another taxi company. Not until I learnt about something they call the Promo code. I think that is one of the reasons they have become so popular.

Once you sign up with the service, whether online or via the app, you are given a promo code. (A promo code is just a bunch of letters and numbers that is unique to you. For instance, mine is johnw18730ue). Now here’s where things get sweet. The promo codes have a value of KES 1000. So how do they work? I’m glad you asked. Suppose I’m at point A and I want to get to point B. I’ll indicate my location on the app and where I want to go then request for a driver.  The longest I’ve ever had to wait was about 15 minutes the least being two minutes. Without the promo code, using Uber is almost as similar as using a regular taxi. If you used my promo code, or anyone else’s before you request for a driver, the total charge is slashed by KES1000. So if the total fare amounts to 1200 and you’d used a promo code before requesting for a driver, you pay only 200. Incidentally, if you use a value less than KES 1000, say 700. You get to your destination and pay nothing! (Cool right? I’ll give you a moment to digest that) Note that there aren’t any hidden charges anywhere. Immediately you sign up, a promo code is automatically sent to your email. If a person uses your promo code, their fare is covered up to 1000bob.

A promo code can be used by a person just once. Say you use mine, you cannot use it again. But you can use another person’s. Any time you use a promo code, you are granted 1000bob worth of fare. The flip side is, once you use my promo code and get 1000bob worth of fare, I am also given 1000bob. So the more the people using your promo code the more thousands you acquire. I heard somewhere that there is a person who has acquired 80k worth of Uber fare. That means 80 people used his promo code. See, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Use my code, I use yours, everyone wins.

The first time I used an Uber (the Uber taxi), I could not believe it. I traveled the distance I did with a taxi and paid so little. It was just me in the Uber so it felt pretty awesome. The prices won’t change even if there are two of you. The only condition is that you do not exceed the passenger capacity of the taxi. So you can tag your friends along on your free rides.

I would not mind if you use my promo code. You can share yours too in the commenting section. Here is mine: johnw18730ue

Sign up with the service. You can use my referral link ->

Their main website is

Happy Uber times!


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