Know. Be. Do.

Know. Be. Do.

know be do


After a time of thinking, watching sermons and searching, I finally settled on a tagline. I thought it nice to present it as an article today. It’s largely informed by Daniel 11:32 which says;

32 With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him.

I won’t delve much into the context but just for a brief mention, it’s about a wicked king and his wicked rule that only those who know God will be strong and will be in a position to resist or as other versions would put it do exploits or mighty things. This message can’t come at a better time than this when it’s really hard to be a Christian. There are all kinds of battles left right and center, threatening and challenging the core beliefs that make a Christian a Christian.

I note three key words in the verse I’ve stated. Know, be and do. They that KNOW God, shall BE strong, and will DO mighty works. Knowing God comes from a place of having a relationship with Him. I think there is a difference between knowing God and having an idea of Him. The only way to know (have knowledge of) God is seeking Him out in His word and spending time in it. Picture this, many who get a chance to take a photo with, say, a celebrity want to prove and make people believe they were with, or know the celebrity and the picture serves as evidence. The truth of the matter is, appearing with anybody in a picture doesn’t mean you know them. Same story with the likes you get on social media. It doesn’t mean all those people who liked your picture or status like you. Now at this point I’ll have to say, if you’re offended by any of those statements, too bad, it’s the truth. But I do hope you do not miss the point which is, it’s possible to have an idea of God and not actually know him and the only way to know him is by spending time with Him.

There’s this tale about an eaglet that was raised by a hen. The eaglet behaved like the chicks and never knew that he was different. Being who you are comes about when you know who you are. You will never be an eagle if all you know/think is that you are is a chicken. Though you are actually an eagle you will never BE one and all the capabilities that an eagle can DO are wasted till the day you KNOW who you are. (Hosea 4:6)

I believe that everyone on this earth exists for a reason. No matter how far from that truth anyone may seem or think they are. However, many people have gone to their graves without doing what they were really meant to. I heard someone use a phrase that went, “robbing the grave”. They basically were saying that the grave is so rich in untapped potential and the sad thing about it is that it won’t help anybody now that it’s in the grave. The solution, to those who are still living is three simple words. Just do it. Selah.

If you stopped to pay attention to the words, just do it, you’d be surprised by what you could get done. I learnt that procrastination is one of the main reason that prevents action from happening. People have great ideas, plans, blueprints, songs, articles et cetera in their heads; but that’s where it ends. They only think and never do it. Sadly, to the day they die. So we never get to see what could have been of the people who lived and the great potential they wielded. It’s so painful loosing something or someone when you know what became of them wasn’t all there was to it. This procrastination thing, we have to purge it. Get us off from the point where we mean to do things and never get them done to actually doing them. Imagine this; y’all men know you’d hate it if you lost a girl for the simple reason that you didn’t express what you thought and felt about her. That’s closer home aye?

I also learnt that people get angry or bitter when they see other people do what they didn’t majorly because they know they could have but didn’t. As a result, they feel bad and may even take offence. Don’t be surprised if you get hated for living out your life and being yourself without crossing anybody. The reason they hate you is because you serve as a sad reminder of lost opportunities. As for you reading this post, don’t get angry when people do, say, give what you won’t. I will give an example, my own. In high school there were occasional blackouts and when they occurred, we were sent to bed early. Sometimes the lights came back soon and there were students who went back to class. At times, the bed was too comfortable and I made decisions not to go back to class but felt bad the playing field wasn’t level any more since those in class were amassing knowledge while I didn’t but could have. I hope you get the point now.

So just do it.

Procrastination, which leads to never getting anything done, which means that we never get to realize what we are capable of, is one side of the rope. The other side has people who try to do things without a knowing and a being. In a nut shell, they act like. The funny thing is that they are not bothered by the fact that they’re not what they’re acting like as long as they make people think they are it. The bad news is, the shaky foundations on which they stand soon crumbles and that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that each day such a person lives lacks peace and the tranquility that comes from knowing that you are who you are. Should you find yourself in a position that requires you to prove anything about yourself to people; you’ve gotten it upside down. Know Him first, for you to be so you can do. Because if you are what you are, whether people come or not, whether they change their minds or not, whether they like you or not, the fact remains that you are.

I believe it’s very important knowing that we belong to God and should spend time with Him so that we can be what he created us to be and from that understanding do what he created us for.

I believe that tagline makes sense; at least more than the last one.