Looking back.

Looking back.

As the year began, I had no resolutions. Told myself I’d continue doing what I already had going on. At the time, I was gearing up for a final exam. I know, I know, it’s unusual but that was the case. My school does not allow party breaks and rightfully so because of its nature. The next term, I got put on financial hold for delaying a fee payment. That meant I wouldn’t enroll for classes during the next learning period. The reason I delayed the fees was a stupid one really. I was speculating for the dollar value to drop just so I could pay what I was used to. Never mind the difference was minutiae.

It was then that I put my blog activity in perspective. I wrote just because I wanted to. Never caring whether I structured my statements well or wrote correct syntax.  I left ample room for error. Ever heard about the bucket list? Well, until I heard about it, I probably would have been scared doing some of the things I’ve done. I always asked myself; while on my death bed, would I regret it if I did not do/try this? If the answer was yes…then I had to do whatever that was; regardless of the present predicament. Writing was one of those things.

Much later, I had an idea to take it a notch higher. I thought of interviewing people. To be a blogger you got to have a keen eye. What we observe mainly is our source of inspiration. It occurred to me that some of the people around me were so resourceful and when exposed to public platforms; were potentially very inspiring. And so I began. Surprising to me, the interviews I did brought the most traffic for the website. I hope to do more of those this coming year. On that note, if you know someone who is willing to be interviewed, please get in touch either via the contact form or social media.

Nothing worth its while is a walk in the park. There are many things I ventured into this year. Some successful, some still hang in the balance and others dismal failures. It does not matter really; whether I succeed or failed. The fact that I gave it a shot is an achievement in itself. If someone were to ask, I would gladly tell them that I did, no matter if I failed.

I hope that the evidence of things already accomplished serves as motivation to plunge into uncharted territory. I hope to do and achieve a lot this coming year. May God help me.

Last post 2015. Enter 2016! Happy New Year! 🙂