Mama, thankyou!

Mama, thankyou!


School’s closed(JKUAT). There is nothing interesting here. Most of my cohorts homed, including Boniface. I can’t say I miss him. Or should I? For Christ’s sake I am a man. A straight man if you please. And men don’t tell other men what they feel about them lest they raise eyebrows with suspicion of being g…. That word, can’t even say it here. It sounds disgusting, and uncouth, boorish and loutish. Don’t get me started.

It’s a Sunday. No Christian Union to go to. Talk of being formless and plan less, this is it. I light her up. I’m not much without her. Most if not everything I am about involves her. I’ll find something to do. Boniface must be grinning because he knows there’s at least a person reading this who thought this ‘her’ is a lady. Sorry to disappoint, it’s my laptop.

Internet is down. Not again! It’s infuriating, Zuku should reach this place. I can’t access the school portal. Leaves me with lesser options what I’ll do this morning. I can start hearing mic checks from those who prep for morning services in the distance. It’s a cool morning. Cool like cool cool. No sun, the clouds a bit gloomy, it’s hard to predict what the day’s weather will be. The next thought that flashes is get a book. The one I read last week was amazing. Shall we tell the president? By Jeffrey Archer. You should read it if you haven’t. I’ll stick to not talking about it because this isn’t a review and I want you to get the goodies yourself first hand.

Boniface. Why do I keep going back to Boniface? Even I am starting to wonder. Ah, here’s something. I have never met a person my age who reads like this guy. Really. The kind that has a folder called To read. Impressive if you ask me. You see, most guys my age are anti-books. “Wacha nisome tu coz sina otherwise” kind of attitude. Boniface isn’t the common folk. Last I checked he was reading five books parallel. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. Debate about it if you want. Bottom line is that he reads.

About the ‘to read’ folder, you must understand that most of the books we have are electronic. I’ll let you know when we’ll comfortably be able to afford hard copies. That time when we won’t have to wonder if we’ve eaten into our fare because we bought a book. [Wink]. Hehee. Don’t laugh at us, life isn’t all about money. When money comes, it’ll come. Right now, we are those travellers with empty pockets who can sing to a thief. Hey, that’s not supposed to be funny. Anyways, we are not that poor. We have dreams, and hope, and determination. That’s something. Watch this space.

Some of Boniface’s reading culture has gotten into me. It’s a good thing. Books take you to another world. They free the mind. They enrich your vocabulary. They help you write better, talk better. Make you witty. Make you relevant and knowledgeable. Dad tells me no knowledge is useless. The list is endless. Reading has a host of other many niceties. Do read. It’s a nice habit. I can’t think of a downside to reading, except if you’re reading the wrong things.

Thanks to Boniface for imparting this culture. This day however, truly does belong to a woman. A woman who has long known me. A woman who has seen me weak and strong. A woman who has imparted most of the values I now have. A woman who has always wanted the best for me, who stayed with me during the painstaking process of attaining success. And a lot of other things. You probably know who I am talking about. That’s mother.

I can’t thank you enough or find the words quite frankly to tell you how thankful I am for who you are and what you have done in my life. I pray that the good Lord blesses you abundantly and keeps you. That he gives you peace and joy as we share moments on this earth. I pray that I too will never forget the position and role you hold in my life. I treasure the times that we have been together. I join the rest of the world today to celebrate you. If for nothing, thank you for bringing me into this world. Thank you for not giving up during those nine months and the many years that followed. Dad, in a way this is your day too. Thank you for being there for mum. I may have no idea what lengths you go sometimes for her sake and ours. All I know is that you treasure your family and we are all very grateful and humbled. A big salute and thanks you to you too.

To all the mothers out there, alive or otherwise. To all the ladies who’ll one day become mothers…


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  • Anonymous

    This is explicit. Keep writing. #totally thrilled.

    May 11, 2015 at 8:31 am
  • dalavinjohn

    Keep writing…..keep us enjoying

    May 12, 2015 at 8:49 am
  • Dalavin Main John

    Good job. Keep up the spirit

    May 12, 2015 at 8:50 am
  • Wachira John

    Thanks Dalavin.

    May 12, 2015 at 7:39 pm

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