Moonlight bliss

Moonlight bliss

He looked at the stars, his mind darting here and there. Leaving a haphazard trail of un-relating untraceable thought lines. She saw his gaze and followed his line of sight.

“The stars look beautiful don’t they?”, she asked,

“What?”, he said unconsciously. It was obvious he wasn’t paying attention to what she’d said.

“The stars”, she repeated. This time looking straight into his eyes. “They are beautiful aren’t they?”.

“Oh, yes they are”, he replied. Trying to sound cheerful in his reply. He brought down his gaze to hers. But he couldn’t keep up. His eyes strayed left to right. There was something uncanny about her eyes. Without her speaking a word, he knew her eyes demanded to know what he was thinking about. He broke the momentary silence;

“Ever wondered what’d be like without the stars?”

“I guess itwouldn’t be as beautiful as it is now..”, she answered.

That night they had been taking strolls under the glare of the moon, thoroughly enjoying each others company. On this night, Lacena was convinced stories she’d read about the projection the moon had on love was true. They talked about anything that came to mind. At this particular moment,they’d decided to rest a bit by sitting on a bench. Deep down their hearts, they both cherished and missed the very moments they were in. In those moments, life was great. It left a sensation that was indescribable to persons other than themselves. They were in love.

Lacena wondered what Ben was getting at. What had stolen his thoughts. “Ben?”, she called him as if to wake him from his seeming thought stupor.

“Remember how I proposed?“, Ben Said. Lacena’s heart began to pace. That was one ofthe most vivid, explicit moments of her life. She remembered everything that happened to the tiniest detail…

That day, she’d heard her door bell ring, When she opened the door, there Ben stood.He looked notably smart. Not that he wasn’t usually smart, but this day was different. He wore a loose cotton white shirt with black metal cuffs and black trousers. Ben wasn’t usually keen on his hair but this day, it was midnight black, flowing smoothly along his head’s sides. He maintained a nonchalant gaze with a weak smile on her. Lacena was baffled to say anything, she couldn’t look him in the eye. He looked beyond anything she’d imagined. Those few seconds at the door appeared to be an eternity. Before she mumbled a Hi, Ben bent down on one knee, she had her suspicions.

“Lacena, will you be my girlfriend?” She felt a chill that made her feel weak. She tried to look away but he could still see her eyes glisten as she tried to be strong. She could not contain herself. This question, she’d longed for, and there it was. Her eyes flooded with joy. Ben slowly stood. He held her cheeks using both his hands and slowly turned her face towards him. He could feel the dampness of her skin. Rubbed her tears using his thumbs. Amid her whimpering, she managed to whisper a YES. Now it was Ben’s eyes turn to well up…

On the bench this night, here Lacena was trying to uncover the mystery in Ben’s head. He finally explained it was the moments they’d shared that he treasured. He wondered what’d be like not to have the stars in his sky. He wondered where the stars hid on those nights whenever he had no visual on them. But knew they had to be up there somewhere. And on some night later, they’d show their beautiful selves up.

“Tonight, my star dazzles on my sky. A day will come when it’ll gloom or seemingly disappear. But the surety of its appearance later and the experience of its sight in the past gives me the courage to hope for a better tomorrow. Lacena, I love you.”