The African war

The African war

He ran as fast as his weakly legs could carry him through the thicket. Sweating and panting heavily. He felt a wave of fatigue slowly engulf his body.He looked over his shoulders while running in a wavy manner to evade possible enemy arrows or spears intent on ending his life. His pursuers hot on his tail. He finally made it to a gigantic mugumo tree with roots opening up to an underground groove. Alas, a hiding spot. He squeezed himself in and crawled deeper into the underground darkness. He could hear his heart throb fast and hard. He passed out.

Much later, came the Nyakeru’s. The white man. He brought civilization, medicine and education. But he called our ways barbaric. He treated us inhumanly. Like inferior beings. The label factor being the color of our skin. All he brought was not bad. But he took our lands, he took our freedom, he took us out. So we fought for our lands. We fought for our freedom. We had to. Death was honorable. Nothing more honorable than knowing we’d die fighting for the freedom of our people, our children. Chanting war cries and fighting fiercely with the odds against us.

Freedom at last! Nyakeru let us rule our lands. And he left us a gift. Education. This gift ushered us into a new age. Our time was gone. The weaponry and battle tactics changed. It shifted primarily to the mind. But some, conceited, thought ill of their fellow brothers. Taking advantage of their positions and power to maltreat those under them. Slowly, we became a man eat man society. Hatred and bitterness brewed in the hearts of the beautiful people.

We are at war. A war not of spears and arrows. An intellectual war. A moral war. Do not think it subtle in any way. It is serious as the wars we fought long ago. A war capable of having serious casualties.

There will be difficulties ahead. But tomorrow carries the promise of a better future. A brighter future for our children. A future worth fighting for. Freedom was given to us by our forefathers. What will we hand over to our children? Tribalism, Ignorance, Poverty, Illiteracy, Secondplace?

There is no better time to be an African than now. I don’t have to travel the world to know how special my continent is. To know its splendor. When I look around, what I see is beautiful. The landscapes, the wildlife, the rich array of diverse cultures, the people..the beautiful black people. What we have on our hands is a chance to go down into the history books. How good it will be for those future generations to read about the courage we exuded. The valor we had fighting the issues that faced us. How good it will be for them to copy our example if we chose to stand and fight for what was right.

Today, this is how I fight. I’ll read. Not to pass exams. To learn. To make myself impenetrable to the cunning conniving ways of the manipulative folk.To build a formidable wall in me against the subtle distractions of todays society. I’ll read in order to develop a mind of my own. I’ll read, so that to pass a teaching to my children. A teaching about the need to focus on the right attitudes, behavior and character.

I have a dream. One day, Africa will be better. I may not live to see that day. But whatever I can do now, big or small, I will do. I believe and pray God will lead us there.