The boy’s plight

The boy’s plight

This piece is inspired by something I saw today and I felt it incumbent upon me to write on this issue. Being a man, you will understand when I say I leave the shower room with only a towel wrapped around my waist.Today was no exception. It got interesting when minutes later, I saw my little brother wrapped in a towel headed to shower. I have never seen him go to bath like that before. That got me thinking. About the boy child.

Newsrooms have been abuzz with activity owing to recent happenings in the country. Sadly,the reasons aren’t so good. Cases of public stripping, murder in cold blood, terrorism and the like. The culprits by a large extent being men. Why I ask. What led the men in this nation down the gutter? When did we loose our moral compass? Who is responsible for this moral decadence? In years past, men were revered as the beacon to society.It was upon them to defend and protect those under their authority and land. They sacrificed and ungrudging bled for their nation.Today, it is as if they are hell bent on bleeding the same nation.

Condemnation to social injustices should be outright. Never should we let criminals have their way. The courts of law are right to hammer down hard sentences. But all this, to me is reactive. Its the aftermath. Isn’t there anything that can be done to our young boys to save the future?You don’t need prophetic abilities to realize that it only gets worse if we walk this road. As a nation, we have a situation on our hands,screaming for our attention. We can choose to act or ignore. Either has a consequence.

My little brother,in his innocence, was simply walking in his elder’s footsteps. He was copying what he saw around him. This is where I think we lost the men. So caught up in our side shows; yes I call them side shows because people are more important than what we do. Abandoned our responsibility to guide these young ones, while they are at a learning stage. So they go out there and find an already corrupt world having no basis of what morality should be. What we see are our doings. While we point a finger, the remaining four should lie squarely on us.

Another blow would probably be the over emphasis of the girl child. I understand why the girl child campaign began. And I don’t underestimate it one bit. But as years progressed, the campaign has thrived at the expense of the boy child. The boy, sidelined, grows up unknowing of his role in society. Left to pick up the decayed morals the world has to offer.And so we wail; with loud voices, we scream, with deafening sounds,we mourn; with sad long faces at what our men, previously boys have become.

So I urge you, today and in the days to come. Do your part, lead that boy in the right direction. If you don’t, something or someone else will. And you won’t wait long to see the results. Simple rule, garbage in, garbage out. The boys need your love. Whichever gender you are, If they grow up with the impression that they should respect the women and men around them, that they have a role as men to society, that they know who they are and who they aren’t. I believe it will be far easier to have better sons, boyfriends, husbands and moral upright men.

Save the boy child.