Understand this

Understand this

I have been reading a lot lately. Mostly school work. The computer to its lowest levels.That would be how how current is manipulated by the processor in circuit boards and and how that manifests to the applications you interact with on your digital device. I gotta tell you. It gets complicated as you go deeper and deeper. At some point it was too much. It got too complicated. Too much to take in.

Then I realized something. The underlying subconscious questions were not right. The intention for study was to pass the units I was doing. Passing is important and good. It bears evidence of your excellence in a subject. But focusing on it was working against me. All I was asking myself was, “with the reading material getting so complicated, would I pass?” The answer I always got was pressure. A race to try grasp what happens in the computer. I was clearly reading wrong. And failing.

So I decide to drop my quest to pass,

The units I’m doing an opportunity to know what happens,

Whether I pass or fail I care less,

Understand it so well like I aim to impress.

Somehow, things are changing. The change in perspective is working for me. I want to know what happens because I want to. I appreciate the new information that gets into my head. I want to know how everything pieces together. Not just to get the fat grade. A grade that reflects nothing its bearer knows. Y’all know how well it feels to know something in its entirety. You have power to manipulate it. You simply own it.

I think I am not the only victim to the superficial reading syndrome. So many people out here have flashy and flamboyant titles yet their content which the titles should bear is wanting. So poor quality becomes our second name. We have people who don’t have a clue what their field of expertise is about. For those that have at least read superficially leave alone the non readers. Who I’ll deal with another day.

Pardon me, I am not judgmental in any way but I have never understood why only in Kenya will you find an Engineer working in a banking hall. Maybe there are banking units in the engineering course, that I don’t know. Or let me use my field as example. Suppose the computer scientists in China or the US came over here. Would our own computer scientists stand a chance? Statistically, those guys are innovative and explorative. Here, the consumer mentality rules, “I got the latest this, I got the trendiest that and who’s got the coolest what”.

I will not say much more as I may have already irked someone. I’ll just say, seek to understand THIS. This being whatever you are doing. Information is literally power. Know for sure what makes whatever you are reading tick. Doesn’t matter what you look like. If you know your stuff well. Suddenly you are important. Selah.