Write it down

Write it down

Dreams to me are mystical. I have never really understood dreams. Sometimes I dream and I have no clue what I dreamt about the previous night. How the dreams come to be is even more complicated. Dreams aside, it is not once that I’ve had a grand idea to a problem or figured out a puzzle in my head but immediately my face beamed up it vanishes to thin air.Why my mind plays such games is completely out of my clearance level. I’ve had my brain since I began to exist yet I know so little about how it operates.

What did you have for lunch two week’s ago? My guess is that you won’t remember that. But I am sure you have at least one childhood memory that you can give a vivid description about. So, what’s at play here? Turns out,memories that have emotions attached to them are remembered more easily than those without. The childhood memory you recall probably made you happy, sad, angry et cetera. It had some emotion attached to it.

I bumped onto a book I used as a journal years ago. I laughed at many of the experiences I’d written in the book. Most of which I’d completely forgotten. It felt nostalgic remembering those times. I now consider that book one of the precious items I have. It reminds me of who I was, the thoughts and even feelings that I had.

I have heard neurologists say the brain is so complex that it remembers everything you’ve ever seen, smelt or heard. Before you pummel me with doubts and questions, allow me to explain. Indeed the brain has the capacity to recall everything. I once decided to prove to myself that I had a good brain. Most of you won’t believe this but I did memorize over a thousand random non repeating digits. The problem is retrieval. In computing, whenever you delete anything from your computer, it isn’t lost yet. By deleting, you just cut the link between the deleted item and its address in memory. So you can’t see the item you deleted but its still actually there. Same theory with the brain. Just as with the journal I found, I’d forgotten the experiences I’d had, but they illuminated when I read the journal(call it a trigger).

Before I write my final paragraph, what about ideas? Someone might ask. The reason the brain is so complex is because it has billions of neurons, which ‘talk’ to each other via electrical impulses. The neurons are interconnected. Whenever you learn something new, a new connection between neurons is made. That specific set of neuron interconnection is responsible for you remembering the new thing you learnt. And by the way, the more you utilize you’re brain(learn), the more the neurons you make use of, the more interconnections you have. The brain functions even when you are not using it, so it will make new connections for itself. Aha! And when it does, that’s the idea, or the new concept. Which you need to write down fast because you have no guarantee it will remain in your head. You were not responsible for its occurrence anyway. The brain simply used the information on the neurons(what you know) and made new connections.

I hope I’ve not bored you with the intricacy’s of the brain and the computer. But my plea to you is this. Develop a habit of writing what you feel, what you think, what’s happened, who you met and the like. Not only will you have a tangible record of yourself, you will help your brain stay active. Trust me, you want that. So please, write it down.